SERVICE DELIVERY POLICY is completely dedicated to prompt delivery of all services without unnecessary delays.


Service Delivery


All services on are classified into two (2)


  1. 1. Direct Consumable Service

These are services that are delivered to you immediately successful payment is made. These include airtime, bill payments (PHCN, cableTV). With the measures that we have put in place, we do not expect any failure in the delivery of these services. However, in case of prolonged delays in delivery, kindly contact our Customer Care for support and we will investigate the transaction(s) and contact you within twenty-four (24) hours.

  1. 2. Extended Services

These are services that are provided by our various merchants on who have been screened and investigated to make sure that they are credible and do not support in any way whatsoever fraudulent activities or dubious businesses. is strictly a payment site and we assume that you would have been aware of the service you are being offered and asked to pay for. However, we have an agreement with our merchants to ensure that all services they offer are delivered within the time specified to the individual customers. In case of prolonged delays in service delivery, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care.

Refund and Returns

All successful transactions for account recharge on are non-refundable. However, gives you the opportunity to transfer the money to your bank account or any account of your choice.


At any point during the transaction before successful completion, you have the liberty to cancel the transaction. However, once you confirm the transaction and you get a success report, the transaction cannot be reversed.


Customer Care Contact
Tel: +234 812 722 8167; +234 704 337 1760

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