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What is Vuvaa?

Vuvaa is an online platform for making and receiving payments for merchants. This platform will serve as bridge between various merchants and consumer of goods and services.

It is specifically built for making instant payments and collections for merchants which will address the issues that usually come up in processing payments and receiving collections from many payers through any bank. It has also been designed and developed to address the issue of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) cashless society policy.


What kind of merchants can use Vuvaa for collection?

Merchants that can use Vuvaa for collection includes the following:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Government (for payment of taxes)
  • Insurance firms
  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels
  • Courier services
  • Third party online stores E.T.C


How can I/my organization use Vuvaa for Collection?

Your organization will be registered and signed up on Vuvaa platform as a merchant. Vuvaa [COLLECTION] is anchored on major payment switches/gateway in Nigeria. Vuvaa [COLLECTION] has been integrated to Interswitch, eTranzact, and VISA platforms on the Web. It has also been integrated to NIBSS and eTranzact Fundgate/Mobile Money Platform (PocketMoni) on Instant Payment service (Account to Account transfer). Thus your organization will be able to make collections such as school fees via the Web, ATM and POS on the platform. Collection can also be done at Bank branches through Account to Account transfer on NIBSS/eTranzact platform.


How can I/my organization use Vuvaa for Payment?

Your organization will be registered and signed up on Vuvaa platform as a User. Vuvaa is a web-based Payment System that is complemented with an Instant Electronic Money Transfer platform [anchored on major payment gateway and settlement system], which enables you to do a stress-free, error-free payment [including salary administration] as well as payments to suppliers, contractors and other types of beneficiaries.



Can I create my personal account on Vuvaa?

Yes, you can have your personal recharge account on Vuvaa by signing up as a user which will enable you make payments or transfer funds as an individual.


How can I /my organization subscribe to Vuvaa as a Merchant for Collection?

To subscribe to Vuvaa, call this number 07043371760 or visit our office at

Access Solutions Limited,

Flat 1, C8 Street Citec Mbora Estate,

Along Jabi/Airport road,



How can I /my organization subscribe to Vuvaa for making payments?

You can subscribe to Vuvaa for making payments by going to www.vuvaa.com and sign up by clicking the register link.

Login in to your email account and activate your VUVAA account

Once you login to VUVAA for you to do any transaction, you must recharge your VUVAA account using your ATM card.

Once your VUVAA account is funded you can do any purchase on the platform


Can Vuvaa serve my company need as a stand-alone solution?

Vuvaa can function as a Self Service Application.


What does it cost me for using Vuvaa for collection?

Cost of Integration is free. However, transaction cost for the use of Vuvaa for Collection on the Web, ATM and POS is very flexible and competitive.


What are the Vuvaa requirements to make money transfer to any bank in Nigeria?

Vuvaa requires your login parameters and as well as the Second Factor Authentication (2FA) authentication to do money transfer to any bank in Nigeria.


What does it cost me for using Vuvaa for payments?

Cost of Integration is free. However, transaction cost for use of Vuvaa for Payment of salaries, suppliers, contractors and other types of beneficiaries is very flexible and competitive.


What advantages does using Vuvaa have over my bank's e-payment and collection solutions?

Vuvaa gives organizations freedom of choosing and making payments online from anywhere even at the comfort of your home. This allows institutions to be independent of banks and also give them the ability to maintain as many bank accounts as their management pleases.


How long does it take to register and be signed up on Vuvaa?



How can I/my organization get necessary support after being signed on the platform?

There is prompt and adequate support locally and remotely through well-trained personnel who are on-hand every hour of the day. Please contact us.


How secure is the Vuvaa platform?

Vuvaa platform is protected by the following security features:


Encryption: VeriSign Secure Site Pro Extended Validation (EV).

Up to 256-bit encryption with 128-bit minimum enables strong encryption for transactions.

Vulnerability assessment and daily Web site malware scanning.

Strong Authentication and encryption enforced

Role-Based access control

Transaction Based Tokens

Audit trail and journaling


How do I secure my banks details?

You have exclusive rights to your bank details. You will keep confidential all security-related information such as passwords, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and Second Factor Authentication Token. Please, note that Access Solutions Limited, banks, their affiliates and service providers will never request you to divulge any of this information by phone, mail or any other means. You are obliged to report any representation to the contrary to Access solutions Limited and your bank promptly.


What can I do in case of technical issues?

Access Solutions Limited will provide adequate support in case of any challenge. You can mail us on info@accessng.com and we would gladly respond promptly.


If I use Vuvaa for Collection, can I pay into an account domiciled in another bank different from my bank?

Yes you can make payment at any bank branch, ATM and POS whether same bank or a different bank.


Can I use more than one bank on Vuvaa

Yes you have the freedom to use as many bank as you wish on Vuvaa


How many accounts can be set up on Vuvaa for merchant collection?

Every merchant will have only one Merchant account and the account can also be used to pay for services on Vuvaa.


What kinds of payments can be made with Vuvaa?

Any form of fund transfer from Vuvaa account to another bank account and one bank account to another bank account domiciled in Nigeria. These include all forms of payments such as salaries, bills, bonuses, vendors and contractors, loans etc.


Do I require using a specific bank to be signed up on Vuvaa?

No, Vuvaa works with any Nigerian bank of your choice.

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